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KVM Solutions for your individual requirements

KVM extenders - expand your possibilities

KVM extenders let you extend computer signals over IP or dedicated cables. This allows you to operate a computer from a workstation up to 10,000 meters away. Using KVM, you can easily separate computers and users to make your workstation more ergonomic and increase the security of your IT infrastructure. The systems consist of a computer module (CPU) and a console module (CON).

KVM switches - operate several computers by one console

Operate multiple computers with only one mouse, one keyboard and up to four screens and make your workplace more efficient and ergonomic. Switching between computers is done via buttons on the front panel, configurable key combinations or a serial device. KVM switches are often the basis for building redundant systems in different control room applications.

KVM matrix systems - for more flexibility and a better performance

Operate many computers via many workstations. Matrix systems consist of three components: a central module, computer modules (CPU) and console modules (CON). KVM matrix systems help you to operate complex IT infrastructures simply and intuitively. Benefit from the advantages wherever large distributed installations and decentralized operation and administration are required - e.g. in all kinds of control room applications.


To ensure the best possible service at all times, we have a group of experts in our Asia team who will be happy to advise you on any questions or ideas you may have. We are in close contact with our colleagues and would like to provide you with close and extensive expertise.

Samuel Chen

Sales Director, Asia
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Sales Director, China
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Sales Director, China
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Field Area Engineer, China
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Power for China's green Tech Megacity

Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau

One of the most vibrant metropolises in China, Shenzhen is considered the Silicon Valley of hardware. Around 80 % of all smartphones are manufactured in Shenzhen. It’s where tech giants like Apple, Huawei and Co. all produce their devices. Generally, the city seems to be the epicenter of inventions. As a pioneer for China, Shenzhen stands out for its extremely innovative developments and ways of thinking.

The main control room of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has space for about ten employees. They monitor and control the remote computer technology, consisting of more than 500 powerful computers, around the clock. Therefore, all servers were moved to a technical area and connected to 20 KVM matrix systems from Guntermann & Drunck.

Guntermann & Drunck is regarded as one of the foremost
manufacturers of digital and analog KVM solutions.

We are the leading KVM manufacturer for control room applications. With our KVM products, we create a rock-solid basis for a reliable, future-oriented and fail-safe IT architecture. Whether air traffic control, broadcast applications, offshore platforms, energy control rooms, or industrial process control – leading companies from a wide range of sectors worldwide rely on G&D’s KVM systems.

As pioneers in the KVM industry, we have helped shape the development of the entire industry – after all, we were already manufacturing KVM systems before the term “KVM” even existed. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, we now offer our customers the broadest, most interoperable KVM portfolio on the market.


For more than 35 years, we have been impressing our customers with our core expertise in extending, switching, and distributing standardized computer signals. At G&D, you can expect top product quality and a high level of expertise in setting up fail-safe IT infrastructure for 24/7 operation. Our KVM experts are deployed worldwide, have in-depth solution expertise, and will work out an individual solution proposal to suit your specific project.

Development, manufacturing, sales and service – we bundle all core competencies under one roof and deliberately focus on excellent quality “Made in Germany”. We always have our finger on the pulse of time and our ear close to the markets.

Industries – Protecting human lives and businesses.
Feels right.

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